Privacy Policy

Welcome to Medical Record Department Privacy Policy.

We use personal data and hence understand the significance for storage and protection of the data. The “personal data” refers to information about you and/or another living person used for identifying you.

Data Collection

The data collected may include in general your contact details, such as name, email address, phone number and address, name of the enterprise or concern, job designation, financial details including and all details about the payments made to us and when and as necessary your bank details). We also collect information on how you use our services, how our website is used like traffic data, location data and others, IP address, type of browser used and the operating system being used. This also includes all details related to the usage of our products and services.

In case the data provided by you are not deemed sufficient, we may not be able to provide you with all the functionalities on our website as designed for all registered users. We collect staff and probable consumer data from several organizations which have the legal rights to share such personal data with us.

Usage of collected data

We may use the collected data to provide our services and support your voluntary participation in chosen activities of our products and services. We may use the data for providing you with our products and services as and when requested by you, register you as a user with license and rights specific to each product and service, provide consumer support, encourage your participation in advocating our programs, establish contact with you for making you aware of the other products and services, those we think, would be important and interesting for you. Along with that, not only we record the transaction data of the users, but also responsibly respond to their queries and continuously improvise the products and services we provide. MRD is capable of analysing the marketing strategies and the trends and statistical information of the website-visitors. We are enough armed to protect any sort of fraud and any other violation of the legal issues, such as terms and condition of sales.

Legalities on the Personal Information

Agreement To develop an agreement with an individual, we are obliged to ask some personal details of the person. If you do not provide that information properly or some inaccuracies come across we won't be able to process the agreement. Such personal information corresponds to the basic details of an individual, mostly the legal ones, which are mandatory for your identification and legal existence. So, while pursuing an agreement you can be free enough to judge and confirm all the relevant issues and queries, although we are ensuring legal and ethical security of your data and information from our morals of practising the business.

Non-agreement Information Use It might happen that we have not developed any contract or agreement with you and consequently no questions regarding your personal information or details have been asked to you. In this case, we also may use the personal information of yours, but only for the legitimate interest of our business, which is legal. Your choice and right to protect your personal information and privacy will always be considered as the prime object before using those for the business interest of our organisation. In cases where your rights to protect your privacy are overriding our business interests, we would refrain from using this information. Hence, it is completely risk-free and subjected to the legal procedures, and is abide by the data protection laws.

Direct Marketing Communication for direct marketing is such an option, where we prefer to communicate with you if your information regarding the sale of goods or services is given to us already. If you find it non-interesting or of no use for you, you might go for an 'unsubscribe' option to stop it. On the other hand, for the cases where we do not have any of details in the context of selling of goods or services, we communicate with you for direct marketing based on your consent. Every communication from MRD would direct you on how at any point of time you may discontinue the direct marketing. Henceforth, there, in one hand is a chance of pursuing and seeking more business opportunities through direct marketing, although, in the other hand, the right to not avail any such direct marketing is also provided to you.

Asking a Consent Several situations are there, where we may ask you to provide some specific personal information of yours, along with showing you the appropriate grounds for that. We would use this information only if you give us the consent and otherwise not. It is to be noted that if you do not provide such information, we would not pursue the operation further. More than that such consent would be valid for the information that does not nullify the laws of data protection.

Legal Reasons Because of functioning and running the business, some legal obligations may arise, where we are made bound to use your details. These cases occur regarding the legal proceedings, governmental inspections etc. In such cases, we would be bound to do that. But you will always be informed before doing that and given the right to lodge a formal query about it.

Purpose Changes It may happen that the information of yours we collect for a specific purpose, are being used for another purpose. But we can assure that in all such cases you will be pre-informed and asked for consent whenever and wherever it is appropriate or necessary. If you do not find it necessary or relevant for your purpose, you may refrain from given any consent.

Personal Data Sharing

Business Partners It may happen that the information of yours we collect for a specific purpose, are being used for another purpose. But we can assure that in all such cases you will be pre-informed and asked for consent whenever and wherever it is appropriate or necessary. If you do not find it necessary or relevant for your purpose, you may refrain from given any consent.

Processors The other companies, which help us in developing our projects might ask for the data and information of yours. In that case, they are asked to maintain the laws of data protection, while accessing your information. The contracts with them regarding your information handling take place in such a way that they would always require proper guidance and permissions from us to handle those data. They have no right to use your information in any other purpose unless it is required legally.

Legal Reasons We may although use your personal information with the governmental or legal authorities when it is asked or necessary for practising our organisation's legal rights.

Business Development During the growth of our business, we might sell, transfer or even share some or all of assets we have that includes your data. This occurs when a merger or reorganisation takes place. Besides that, such steps are taken in case of the sale of assets or bankruptcy. But all these transfers of data would be based on the legal procedures that would ensure the data protection laws too.

Updating the Privacy Policy

Business Development The privacy policy might be updated after a specific course of time of practising them. If situations occur, where we need to modify or update the privacy policy existing, we would post a notice in our website for notifying you that several and significant changes are going to take place regarding the privacy of your details. If no queries or objections from your side is registered to us, it would be considered that you are agreeing with the changes or modifications of the privacy policy. It is to be noted also that any modification if brought, would not hamper the basic model of privacy settings, as that would dismantle the legal purposes of data protection laws. Only several modifications might arise, which you have right to ask for a re-examination and reconsideration. Undoubtedly, every step regarding the privacy issues would always be abode by the current policies of privacy taken.

Rights, you should Know About

There are several rights for you that you must know about and continue practising, while you are using our website.

  • You will always be informed about the data or information about you being stored or shared
  • You will always have access to your information or data
  • You have the right to reject or object any sort of direct marketing
  • You have the right to bring an objection against any sort of use of your data or information from the legitimate and legal grounds
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent of sharing or storing your information at any time you want
  • You have the sole right to delete some of the information you previously shared
  • You are given right for porting information or data
  • You have the right to correct any personal data of yours, if you find it inappropriate or inaccurate, at any time
  • The right to restrict or block the uses of your data at any time you want is given to you
  • You always have the right to complain about the data security issues to the data protection authority